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About Forzon

Glass, steel and aluminium are essential parts of today’s architectural landscape. They are used extensively to integrate light, space and appearance in a sustainable, creative way. For architects, this provides opportunities to translate their vision into designs. Of course, such groundbreaking projects require a special level of detail: support structures, glass thicknesses, angles, access, drainage, solar protection, water tightness, acoustics, lighting, maintenance – all aspects are important.

To help make creative designs feasible – both in terms of engineering and budget, Forzon involves architects, project managers and contractors in the process as early as possible, ideally form the concept phase.  Forzon is an experienced partner that is committed to deliver on your own vision and expectations.

Forzon has the expertise, innovative spirit and drive to take on complex challenges. Skylights, atriums, glass roofs, canopies, arcades … The sky has no limits.

Mission & vision

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Forzon is specialist in steel, aluminium and glass architectural systems. We aim high, relying on exceptional technical expertise, innovation and quality to translate your inspiring creativity into stunning architectural designs. Using our own engineers, designers and extensive production facilities, each project is completed entirely in-house. This translates to greater levels of collaboration, scrutiny and quality control which gives Forzon a unique position within this highly-specialised market.


In 2015, an independent branch grew out of Deforche Construct and Forzon became a reality.  Deforche Construct, founded in 1932, is one of the largest companies in Belgium and is primarily focussed on glass and steel construction.  From the outset, the emphasis was on the construction of greenhouses and with that came specific expertise in glass and steel. This evolved into more and more applications, including industrial and architectural roof constructions.  Forzon was established to develop and cultivate this expertise. 


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Act local, think global.

Forzon is very active and locally present in Belgium, France, Spain and the United Kingdom.  The company structure and the international partner network make Forzon an ideal partner for your international projects.



Jeroen De Cock

Managing Director

Lance Cornils

Country Manager Spain

Yves Weekers

Country Manager The Netherlands

Axel Tasté

Country Manager Belgium

Integrated project

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Forzon is your single point of contact (SPOC) and is responsible for the full coordination of state-of-the art technologies and technical specialities.  Your transparent roof as a complete project!