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Saving on energy is becoming more and more important every day and, with this in mind, the rapid advance of photovoltaic walls (BIPV – building integrated photovoltaics), awnings and glass coverings seems unstoppable. Forzon can equip the glass roof of your existing (company) building with a high-performance photovoltaic installation in a unique and well-thought-out design. The solar cells should adapt to the shape of the building and not the other way around.

We also apply this advanced energy-saving technology to our own new constructions. The building integrated approach ensures that the solar panels no longer disturb the visual image, but instead blend perfectly into the building. In other words, PV panels that look like you want them to look. Play with colours and shapes, set accents, let the light in or create shade… Almost anything is possible.

This is called BIPV (building integrated photovoltaics). The solar cells are thus turned into building elements, useable in the roof. Each installation is developed and tailor-made per project, completely to your liking and with an excellent return.

We make a proposal for you with an interesting and surprising return without affecting the shape of the architectural idea.


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