Architectural Greenhouse Concept

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The combination of glass, steel and aluminium presents itself more often in the project market.  The benefits of light, space, sustainability and a unique modern appearance convince more and more people to consider greenhouse wall and roof systems for this construction method.

The revaluation of old buildings is gaining popularity.  Project developers look for unique locations to create their project. Forzon’s customisation of partition walls in glass, steel or aluminium in industrial interior applications makes us the ideal partner.

Also in outdoor applications, a greenhouse system look can give an industrial touch to your design.  In renovation projects and protected monuments, the character of the building is preserved.

The applications vary from greenhouse walls and roof systems, with several ventilation abilities, like meeting rooms, offices, corridors and monuments.


Customised constructions

We provide complete custom-made solutions where a thorough harmonisation of glass, steel and aluminium is necessary for the success of your project.


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