KTA Dendermonde

B-Architecten Antwerpen

Technical description

Forzon realised the facades and the glass roofs on this multifunctional school building for technical education.  The design is based on very light and sleek profile systems with glass to make the building a healthy working and learning environment dominated by natural daylight.  Forzon's architectural greenhouse concepts make it possible to reconcile indoor and outdoor environments.  



The new school building is a three story structure with predominantly industrial school departments and sport facilities, intricately stacked together in a single, compact building volume. The general circulation zones, conceived as semi-outdoor spaces, wrap the building on each level and act as a mediator between inner and outer environments, tempering climatic conditions and noise levels inside and out.


Architectural greenhouse concept
Greenhouse wall system
Forzon - KTA Dendermonde
Forzon - KTA Dendermonde
Forzon - KTA Dendermonde
Forzon - KTA Dendermonde

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