Technical description

The challenge of this project lies in the diversity of combinations of slats. Various separate stability studies were tuned to each other to create a stable entity. The aluminum slats also carry a stability function which is exceptional and unique. The function of the slat depends on the various combinations. In some cases, the slat acts as a column for the walkable platform and in other cases the platform Is hanging on the slat which gives the latter a suspension function.

Two twisted, custom-made staircases ensure the accessibility of the intermediate platform and roof, as well as an evacuation route in case of fire. The handrails were constructed from steel cables between which a stainless-steel web net was woven.


The office building encloses a round pavilion in a park garden. A round building has no front or rear and smoothly fits in the environment.

The compact volume consists of 3 levels, the upper level of which is retracted. The office has a double layer: the inner layer is transparent and may or may not have translucent glass panels. The outer shell acts a sun protection and is worked out in vertical anodized slats in a copper/bronze colour. The structure and combinations of the slats form, as it were, the layers of an onion.

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Forzon - project Alheembouw 01
Forzon - project Alheembouw 02
Forzon - project Alheembouw 03
Forzon - project Alheembouw 04
Forzon - project Alheembouw 05
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